Patalaiskan Lomahuvilat

Prices and availability


Fishing licenses available online or at R-Kiosk. Nearest R-Kiosk: Lappeentie 16, 55100 Imatra.


A rowing boat with oars is included in the rent. Electric outboard motor available at an extra charge.

Playing area for children

In front of every cottage.

Village Café Käpälämäki

About five kilometers away from the cottages.

Ice-skating areas

In the Sports Centre of Ruokolahti (Urheilukeskus) there is an ice rink and an ice-skating area. Other municipal ice rinks can be found, for example, on the area of the former village school of Pohja-Lankila near Käpälämäki bar (approx. 5 km from Patalaiska Cottages).

GoSaimaa - Ice Skating

Holiday Club

Imatra Spa

Approx. 30 km from Patalaiska Cottages

Address: Purjekuja 2, 55420 Imatra

Holiday Club

Holiday Club (spa, ice rink, restaurants, bowling hall)

Address: Rauhanrinne 1, 55320 Rauha

Wuoksi-Wille Street Train


Street Train of Imatra

Swimming Hall

Swimming Hall
Kotipolku 2, 55120 Imatra

Rapids shows

Rapids shows

in summer daily at 6 pm

More information:

GoSaimaa - Rapids

Hydroelectric power plant in Imatra

Saimaa Cruises

Cruises on lake Saimaa

23.6. - 1.9. on Thursdays at 4 pm and 7 pm

goSaimaa - Cruises

Vuoksen lauttaristeilyt

Cruises from 22.6 to 22.8.2015 daily at 3 pm.

goSaimaa - Vuoksen lauttaristeilyt

Vuoksi Fishing Park

Ice cream truck


Ruokolahti Church Hill

Huuhanranta Beach


Fishing Park and Domestic Animal Park

GoSaimaa Tourist Information

Tourist Information Portal of Imatran and Lappeenranta area.